New York Number Theory Seminar

In January 1982, Number Theorists in New York City and its environs began meeting regularly at the Graduate Center of the City University. The location was convenient to all parts of the city as well as to major transportation hubs. The original organizers were Harvey Cohn, David Chudnovsky, Gregory Chudnovsky and Melvyn B. Nathanson. Harvey Cohn has retired, but Nathanson is now based in the City University and able to act as host of the seminar.

Proceedings of the Seminar have been published by Springer-Verlag, originally in the Lecture Notes in Mathematics series

More recent reports appear as individual volumes, with the simple title Number Theory, and the names of the editors of the volume on the cover.

This page was first developed in the Fall of 2000. Schedules by semester are available.

The Graduate Center is currently located at 365 Fifth Avenue, between 34th and 35th Streets. The Ph.D. program in mathematics is located on the fourth floor. The seminar has met on Thursday afternoons for several years. In the Spring 2010 semester the seminar will met Thursdays from 2:45 to 3:45 in room 4419. More details will be posted in the department common area on the fourth floor. Current information on all seminars can be found in the Seminar Page of the Graduate Center Mathematics Department.

Date Speaker and
Title of talk
February 04 Mel Nathanson
Lehman College and the Graduate Center
The Shalom-Tao proof of Gromov's theorem: Quantitative finite index theorems
February 11 Jaewoo Lee, BMCC An algebraic proof for the geometry of the structure of sumsets of finite sets of lattice points.
February 18No meeting, CUNY on Monday schedule
February 25 Natalia Mosina
CUNY-LaGuardia CC
Strong Law of Large Numbers for Graph/Group Random Elements with Applications to Group-Based Cryptanalysis (abstract)
March 04 Mel Nathanson
Lehman College and the Graduate Center
Polynomial growth of sumsets in abelian semigroups (abstract)
March 11 Anthony Weaver
Bronx Community College, CUNY
A Diophantine Frobenius Problem Related to Riemann Surfaces (abstract)
March 18No meeting
March 25 Brooke Orosz
Essex County College
A problem in additive number theory
April 08 Mel Nathanson
Lehman College and the Graduate Center
Ultrafilters and number theory: Hindman's theorem and its extensions (abstract)
April 15 Mel Nathanson
Lehman College and the Graduate Center
Hindman's theorem in dense sets
April 22 Javier López Peña The field with one element: a quest for a nonexistent object (abstract)
April 29 Greg Martin
University of British Columbia
Diophantine quadruples (abstract)
May 6 Zeljka Ljujic
CUNY Graduate Center
Complementing sets and cyclotomy
May 13 Kevin O'Bryant
Polymath 5: the Erdos Discrepancy Problem
May 26-29 Workshop in Combinatorial and Additive Number Theory (CANT 2010)

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