New York Number Theory Seminar

In 1982, Number Theorists in New York City and its environs began meeting regularly at the Graduate Center of the City University. The location was convenient to all parts of the city as well as to major transportation hubs. The original organizers were Harvey Cohn, David Chudnovsky, Gregory Chudnovsky and Melvyn B. Nathanson. Harvey Cohn has retired, but Nathanson is now based in the City University and able to act as host of the seminar.

Proceedings of the Seminar have been published by Springer-Verlag, originally in the Lecture Notes in Mathematics series

More recent reports appear as individual volumes, with the simple title Number Theory, and the names of the editors of the volume on the cover. This page was first developed in the Fall of 2000. Schedules by semester are available. The Graduate Center is currently located at 365 Fifth Avenue, between 34th and 35th Streets. The Ph.D. program in mathematics is located on the fourth floor. The seminar has met on Thursday afternoons for several years. In the Fall 2002 semester the seminar will meet Thursdays at 3:30PM in Room 5417. More details will be posted in the department common area on the fourth floor. The current schedule of all seminars can be found in the Weekly Seminar Bulletin of the Graduate Center Mathematics Department.
Date Speaker and
Title of talk
February 6, 2003 Matt DeVos
Princeton University
A solution to Kneser's critical problem. (abstract)
February 13 Bela Bajnok
Gettyburg College
The independence number of a subset of an abelian group. (abstract)
February 20 Mel Nathanson
CUNY Lehman College
Generalized additive bases, Konig's lemma, and the Erdos-Turan conjecture (abstract)
February 27 No meeting
March 06 Jozsef Solymosi
University of California at San Diego
On sums and products of complex numbers (abstract)
March 13 Sinan Gunturk
Courant Institute
One-Bit Quantization: 0-1 Sequences with Prescribed Moving Averages (abstract)
March 20 Mel Nathanson
CUNY Lehman College
Additive number theory and the Hausdorff dimension of Kakeya sets (apres Bourgain, Katz, and Tao) (abstract)
March 27 No meeting
April 03 David Moulton
Center for Communications Research, Princeton
Representing powers of numbers as subset sums of small sets(abstract)
April 10 Sinai Robins, Temple University Arithmetic progressions of coefficients from rational functions and some spectral zeta functions(abstract)
Some weeks pass
May 01 No meeting to avoid conflict with extended meeting of Arithmetic Geometry Seminar
May 08 Alexander Rozenblyum
New York City College of Technology, CUNY
Quantum Groups: introduction and basic concepts(abstract)
May 15-17 Workshop on Additive Number Theory and Applications to Harmonic Analysis(announcement with a link for current information)

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