New York Number Theory Seminar Fall 2000

Talks held during this semester were:

Date Speaker and
Title of talk
September 14 Mel Nathanson
Lehman College (CUNY)
A survey of additive number theory
September 21 Jordan Ellenberg
Princeton University
Twisted Fermat equations and Q-curves
September 28 Qing Xiang
University of Delaware
A vector space analogue of Kneser's theorem and applications
October 5 Sandy Han
New York City Technical College (CUNY)
The structure of sumsets of lattice points
October 12 No meeting
October 19 Mel Nathanson
Lehman College (CUNY)
Growth of sumsets in abelian semigroups:
An elementary proof of a theorem of Khovanskii
October 26 No meeting
November 2 No meeting
November 9 (at 2PM) Paula B. Cohen
CNRS, Lille
A generalised six squares theorem applied to PI algebras
November 16 No Meeting
November 23 No Meeting
November 30 (at 5:00 p.m.) Renling Jin
College of Charleston
Scrutinizing the Sumset Phenomenon
December 7 Janos Pintz
Renyi Institute, Budapest and Rutgers
On the sum of two primes and powers of 2
December 14 Elon Lindenstrauss
Rigidity of hyperbolic Z^n actions and some questions in
number theory and quantum chaos(abstract)

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