Anders Skovsted Buch


Research interests:

Littlewood-Richardson Calculator (C programs with Maple interface)
Equivariant Schubert Calculator (Maple package)
Quantum Calculator (Maple package)
QuiverCycles (Macaulay2 package)
The modular Lusztig conjecture in small rank
Reading course in Schubert calculus


Schubert Seminar (organized with R. Goldin, L. Mihalcea, and R. Rimanyi)

Past events:

ICERM Semester program in Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry
AGNES at Rutgers 2022
AGNES at Rutgers 2018
AMS Special Session on Modern Schubert Calculus (Rutgers 2015)
K-theory, Cyclic Homology and Motives - celebrating Weibel's 65th year (Rutgers 2015)


Commutative Algebra (Spring 2024)
Abstract Algebra I (Fall 2022)
Enumerative Geometry (Spring 2022)
Algebraic Geometry II (Spring 2020)
Algebraic Geometry II (Spring 2019)
Linear Optimization (Fall 2018)
Algebra Boot Camp (Summer 2018)
Introductory Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable (spring 2018)
Informal Algebraic Geometry Classes (Spring 2018)
Introduction to Linear Algebra (Fall 2017)
Abstract Algebra I (Fall 2017)
Algebra Boot Camp (Summer 2017)
Algebraic Geometry II (Spring 2017)
Linear Optimization (Fall 2015)
Abstract Algebra I (Fall 2015)
Advanced Calculus for Engineering (Spring 2015)
Theory of Numbers (spring 2015)
Algebraic Geometry I (fall 2014)
Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning (fall 2013)
Geometry (fall 2013)
Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning (spring 2013)
Algebraic Geometry II (spring 2013)
Combinatorial Theory (fall 2012)
Abstract Algebra II (spring 2012)
Calculus II (fall 2011)
Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning (fall 2011)
Algebraic Geometry II (spring 2011)
Theory of Numbers (fall 2010)
Commutative Algebra (fall 2010)
Homological Algebra (spring 2010)
Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning (spring 2010)
Multivariable Calculus (fall 2008)
Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning (spring 2008)
Algebraic Geometry (fall 2006)
Introductory Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable (spring 2006)
Theory of Numbers (fall 2005)


Department of Mathematics
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Piscataway, NJ 08854-8019, USA
Phone: 848-445-7274
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E-mail: asbuch at math dot rutgers period edu
Office: Hill Center 234
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