Mathematics 300: Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning

Rutgers University, Fall 2011

Anders Buch (asbuch at math dot rutgers period edu)

TTh4, Tuesday and Thursday 1:40 PM - 3:00 PM in Lucy Stone Hall, Building A, Room 121

Course web site:


Smith, Eggen, and Andre, A Transition To Advanced Mathematics, Brooks/Cole (7th ed.)

Office Hours:

Tuesday and Thursday after class.

MAA-RU Sponsored Review Sessions:

Thursdays 3-5 pm in Hill Center, Room 323.


Midterm 1, Tuesday October 11 in class, 20% (Announcement)
Midterm 2, Tuesday November 15 in class, 20% (Announcement)
Final exam, Monday December 19, 12:00-3:00 pm, 40% (Announcement)
Weekly Homeworks, 20% total.

Homework Policy:

1) Late homework is not accepted.

2) It is fine to discuss the problems with others, but writeups must be individual. If you have received help for solving a problem, then cite your source(s).

3) It is acceptable to submit homework by email if these instructions are followed.

Homework assignments will appear on the course web site.

Assigned homework sets:

Homework set 1 due September 15 in class.
Homework set 2 due September 22 in class.
Homework set 3 due September 29 in class.
Homework set 4 due October 6 in class.
Homework set 5 due October 20 in class.
Homework set 6 due November 3 in class.
Homework set 7 due November 10 in class.
Homework set 8 due December 1 in class.
Homework set 9 due December 8 in class.