How Many Exciting Soccer Games are there with score (N+1,N)? (Lecture at Math Leagues Math Camp, July 23, 2018)

By Doron Zeilberger

Scan of Lecture

Posted: July 23, 2018

Inspired by the World Cup that just ended, I gave a lecture at the Math League camp, co-organized by Dan Flegler and Rui Hu, in front of more than 100 brilliant students, ages 12-14. At the end, to test their understanding (and whether I did a good job explaining) I gave out a


Here are the full solutions.

Most of the people did OK, (this is a very advanced topic!) but I was very impressed that the following four campers got perfect score, Congratulations! Here they are (in alphabetical order)

They each win the book "How to Solve it" by George Polya (once they email me their home address).

In addition, the following campers had almost perfect score: Ryan Zhang, Xu Boguan, Zhaoke Ou Yang ("Lyndsey"), "Alan" (who forgot his email, and who wrote his real name in Chinese, so I can't read it), and Ting Yao Han.

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