Mingjia Yang

Welcome to my homepage! I am currently a fifth year PhD student, my advisor is Doron Zeilberger. I am co-organizing the Experimental Math Seminar. Currently I am doing research related to permutations, words and partitions.

Office and Hours

Room 101, Hill Center, Busch Campus
Hours:Tuesdays 7-8pm (online office hours, details see Sakai) Wednesdays 7-9pm (In person office hours)




Math 250 (TA at Large)

Previously taught:
Fall 2018: Math 244 (TA) Spring 2018: Math 152 (TA)
Fall 2017: Math 251 (TA)
Summer 2016: Math 250 (Introductory Linear Algebra) (Instructor)
Spring 2016: Honors Math 152 (TA)
Fall 2015: Math 244 (TA)
Spring 2015: Math 135 (TA)
Fall 2014: Math 135 (TA)

Other fun sites/articles

Journal Of Humanistic Mathematics

Mathematics for Human Flourishing

3Blue1Brown (animated math!)

M.C. Escher


Poetry Foundation

Princeton Country Dance

Last updated: February 9, 2019