Math 251 - Multivariable Calculus

Special office hours for the final


MON through THU, 9:00-10:00am and 2:00-3:00pm
I'm not available on Friday.
Subject to change! Always check here first.

Review and problems involving integrals

Click here to see the document that was distributed during recitation on 4/24, containing a review of all types of integrals and problems about them.

Important dates

First midterm: March 15, the Friday right before Spring break.
Second midterm: April 26, Friday
Final: May 14, Tuesday (8:00-11:00am at TIL-232) NOTE THE TIME!
Maple Lab: Due April 3.


Due on April 3rd, Wednesday, as a printed copy during recitation

Click here to see the instructions.
You will need to use the data points assigned to you, which you can find here.

You are not expected to purchase Maple to complete this assignment. You can use it in the computer labs at Rutgers. But please don't leave this for the last day before the due date, since you may encounter problems using the software.


Office hours


I maintain a mailing list that uses your preferred e-mails for Rutgers communications. If you never set a preferred e-mail, this will be your Rutgers e-mail. Make sure to check it every week.

Material covered and suggested problems

Topics and their sections in the book:

Important! The list below is an attempt to organize the material covered in class by approximate topics and chronological order. It may contain more than what was covered and may omit other things that were covered! The TA will always make an effort to keep it updated by communicating with the instructor. Happy studying, everybody!

Suggested problems (and section in the book) by topic:

Important! The list below consists mainly of the first half of the exercises in each chapter. Do as many as you feel necessary from each group (note that the problems within each group are similar). But on the exam you are not going to know the topic of a problem! In order to address this problem, notice that the book also has review problems at the end of each CHAPTER, not just SECTION. You should try those as well if you want to see whether you can identify the topic of a problem without me telling you!



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