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Last Update: June 2, 2003.

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This Course is Self-Contained, and no prerequisite is needed, in particular, Math 582 (Combinatorics I) is NOT a prerequisite! This semester we will focus on the exciting subject of Algebraic Combinatorics (tableaux, permutations, Schur and Jack polynomials). We will emphasize the algorithmic and constructive aspects. We will also approach the subject from the viewpoint of my other great love: Experimental Mathematics, and will use Maple to explore it. No knowledge of Maple is assumed, and at the end of the semester you will not only be proficient in algebraic combinatorics, but you will also be a Maple whiz, over and above using it as a fancy symbolic calculator.

The package SF

While learning Maple and Symmetric Functions, we will, together, construct some Maple packages. So far we have SF and RSK. At the end of the semester, instead of an exam, students will add to it by implementing an advanced topic.

Here are the Current Version of SF, and the Current Version of RSK.

Added May 1, 2003: Download the following Maple packages written by the students as final projects

Problem Sets

Suggested Final Projects

Individual suggestions for Final Project
Added Jan. 23, 2012: Congratulations to Roman Holowinsky, who was a student in this class, for winning the 2011 prestigious Ramanujan SASTRA prize! .
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