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Last Update: Oct. 28, 2002

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Combinatorics is the most fundamental, and hence the most important, branch of mathematics, since it deals with FINITE structures, and the world is finite. We will learn all the aspects of combinatorics: how to count, how to construct, how to estimate, and how to prove existence, and of course how to deduce interesting properties of interesting structures like graphs, posets, lattices, and circuits. The only prerequisite is love of the discrete.

Added Oct. 17, 2002: Read the little write-up on

the Lagrange inversion Formula .

Added Oct. 28, 2002: Please do Problem Set I (due 11/14/02).

Added Sept. 27, 2005: My colleague Hector Sussmann inspired the following classroom note A Combinatorial Proof of log(e**z)=z .