Dodgson's Determinant-Evaluation Rule Proved by TWO-TIMING MEN and WOMEN

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(Appeared in Elec. J. Comb. 4(2) (1997) [Wilf Festchrift], R22.

Written: April 16, 1996.

Theodore J. Kaczynski is not the only mathematician to have become famous for non-mathematical deeds. A recent example is Richard Garfield of M:TG fame. An older example is Lewis Carroll. This paper is my first bijection in a long time, and it is appropriately dedicated to Herb Wilf, who is one of the masters that taught me bijections. More specifically/generally, it was the Hook-Length probabilistic/combinatorial proof by Greene, Nijenhuis, and Wilf that got me HOOKED on combinatorics. Happy Birthday Herb!

P.S. Richard Garfield is one of Herb's many flourishing academic offsprings.

P.P.S. Combinatorialists get so much fulfillment from doing bijections that they don't have to look for the surrogate-activity of building bombs.

This paper is accompanied by a short Maple program, allice, that implements the bijections in the paper.
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