``A WZ Proof of Ramanujan's Formula for Pi'' By S. B. Ekhad and D. Zeilberger

(Appeared in `Geometry, Analysis, and Mechanics', J.M. Rassias, ed., World Scientific, Singapore 1994.)

Algorithms for computing Pi started at least with Archimedes, and continue to this day (e.g. the amazing Borwein-Bradley-Plouffe formula). Srinivasan Ramanujan had quite a few of them, and one of them Shalosh can prove in a few seconds.

This paper appeared in a volume that originally was meant to commemorate the 2300th Birthday of Archimedes, then it turned out that he was only 2281 years-old. Whatever your age, Wise Archie, Have a Great Birthday!

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Added Aug. 22, 2019. This version corrects a sign error pointed out by Marc Chamberland.

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