The Irrationality Measure of Pi is at most 7.103205334137...

By Doron Zeilberger and Wadim Zudilin

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Appeared in Moscow Journal of Combinatorics and Number Theory 9 (2020), 407-419.

First Written: Dec. 12, 2019; This version: Jan. 7, 2020.

    In memory of Naum Il'ich Feldman (1918-1994)

We use a variant of V. Kh. Salikhov's ingenious proof that the irrationality measure of Pi is at most 7.606308 to prove that, in fact, it is at most 7.103205334137...

Note: If you google "Irrationality measure of Pi" you would get this erroneous paper. Buyers beware!

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Sample Input and Output for SALIKHOVpi.txt

Added Jan. 13, 2020: For those skeptics who doubt the identity at the bottom of page 7 of the paper
the input file generates the following output file with a fully rigorous proof (thanks to Shalosh B, Ekhad).

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