By Doron Zeilberger

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[Appeared in J. Difference Equations and Applications 11(2005), 851-856.]

Written: Oct. 27, 2004.

Pour Jacques Derrida   ז צ " ל
Bruno Buchberger said that when we teach a new algorithm (or concept), there should be a "white box" phase, but once the students master it, it can safely be considered a black box. The same thing should be true when we teach ourselves, in other words do research. But, sometimes we should go back to the white box phase, and see whether we can tweak the algorithm (or concept, or whatever) and get renewed insight and results.

In other words, we need to follow Jacques Derrida, and DECONSTRUCT the algorithm, and find new, unintended meanings and applications. Because the original intention of automatically proving DIFFERANCE Equations contained the TRACE of the act of discovering nice ones!

Important: This article is accompanied by Maple packages FindHyperGeometric that explains "miracles" and finds new theorems (alias miracles), and the more specialized twoFone, that is targeted for finding strange 2F1 identities.
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