Heinrich Zeilberger (The Father of the Father of Doron Zeilberger)

n: July 18, 1996. (by Doron Zeilberger)

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Heinrich Zeilberger was born on Sept. 21, 1886. He grew up in Ermershausen, a small town in Bavaria, Germany, and was a teacher, who was training to be a cantor. In 1914, he married Hedwig Bach Zeilberger (1890-1975), and they lived in St. Ingbert, Bavaria.

He was drafted to the German army shortly after, serving in the 8th Bavarian Infantry Regiment 25, and was killed on Oct 6, 1915, more than two months before his son Yehuda Heinz Zeilberger (see http://sites.math.rutgers.edu/~zeilberg/family/yehuda.html) (1915-1994) was born.

He is buried in Souain see here. See also here .

Added April 20, 2022: My brother, Gil Zeilberger, just found Heinrich Zeilberger's notebooks from the time when he studied to be a teacher.

Added July 9, 2022: Here are the first notebook , second notebook , and third notebook , of Henrich Zeilberger, from when he was a student at the Wurzburg Teacher Training College (ca. 1905). The originals are in the Wurzburg Jewish Mueseum, and were kindly scanned by their staff.

Added July 4, 2023: My brother, Gil Zeilberger, sent me pictures of the St. Ingbert WWI memorial   [detail  ] monument  

Added March 10, 1999: There was another Heinrich Zeilberger this one from Sulzdorf, Bavaria, who was also killed in WWI. He was probably a relative.
Heinrich's parents are: Marcus (1865-1941) and Lina Zeilberger .

His wife was Hedwig Bach Zeilberger (1890-1975)

His only son was: Yehuda Heinz Zeilberger (1915-1994).

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