Math 503: Complex Analysis, in the Fall, 1997, semester
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The textbook and some alternatives

The text I've chosen is An Introduction to Complex Function Theory, by B. Palka, Springer-Verlag (1991). I've taught Math 503 a number of times. I've used different texts each of the preceding three occasions (texts written by Ahlfors, Conway, and Remmert respectively). I requested information from graduate students contrasting these texts and asking about any others. My stated criteria were:

I think that my choice fulfills much of this list. The last time I presented this course I wrote the following:

Here is a short list of a few other complex variables texts, including some of my personal favorites:

I investigated a number of books published recently, and looked at books recommended by graduate students. I chose the text by Palka. It is certainly appropriate for a graduate level course in spite of its inclusion in the Springer series of Undergraduate (!) Texts in Mathematics. You can examine its contents . Palka's text has a number of neatly worked out examples and covers the material appropriately. There's a good selection of exercises. I've only found one that's wrong so far: either careful editing or lazy reading! Perhaps the only deficiency I've noticed so far is that there's no systematic exposition of the D-bar equation which is a strength of Narasimhan's text.

Note, please, that the cost of Palka's book is approximately half the cost of Ahlfors's book.

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