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A list of the students in the class

An archive of messages I've sent to the class.

Here's a record of a Maple session dealing with uniform convergence and integration.

Here are review problems (with two typos corrected!), and the first exam with answers. The grades on the first exam ranged from 25 to 91. Here also are review problems for the final exam. And now, here is the final exam, presented in a somewhat compactified format, and also with several small improvements in wording and a correction in a problem statement. The grades on the final exam ranged from 96 to 171.

Review problems for the midterm exam gif Postscript
The midterm exam gif Postscript
Answers to the midterm exam gif Postscript
Review problems for the final exam gif Postscript
The final exam gif Postscript

Advice about format Current web standards do not include widely implemented ways of handling mathematical notation, and therefore several alternatives are offered.
gif Gifs are generally accepted by browsers. File size is not large so network transmission isn't usually long, but the images (especially for tiny mathematical symbols!) can be unsatisfactory: small and fuzzy.
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