Home page for Section 72 of Math 152 in Fall 2001

The final exam is Monday, 12/17/2001, 4-7 PM, in Pharmacy 115, on Busch Campus.

This is a 5-credit version of Math 152, Calculus for the Mathematical and Physical Sciences. The 5-credit version meets three times a week for 80 minutes and once a week for 55 minutes. The 80 minute meetings are during third period (11:30-12:50). Monday and Thursday are in ARC 108, and Tuesday (the workshop) is in SEC 216. The 55 minute recitation (officially section 72 of Math 158) meets Friday from 11:45 to 12:40 in SEC 216.

Instructional staff

Lecturer S. Greenfield
Recitation instructor B. Manning
Peer mentor L. Scarangello

Diary of what the lecturer thought went on in class. Students may find it interesting to constrast this with their notes and memories.

A schedule for the remainder of the course, including information about the second exam and the final exam: [Postscript]   |   [PDF].

Exam material


Textbook homework problems

The pages given out on 10/12/2001 as an introduction to Maple

Pages given out on 11/12/2001 on Counting the Fibonacci numbers  [Postscript]   |   [PDF]

A list of students in the course

A detailed syllabus will appear soon. General information about the course is available through the Math 152 link above.

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