3/10/2016, Highland Park, New Jersey
Chris Woodward
Distinguished Professor
Rutgers University (New Brunswick) Department of Mathematics.

In Fall 2023 I am teaching

16:640:504 - Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable II

Section Index Instructor Meeting Type Days/Period Time Room Campus
01 18318 Woodward, Christopher Lecture TW1 0830A-0950 HLL-525 BUS

as well as serving an role as Vice-Chair of the Department of Mathematics for Administration

Office Hours for Fall 2023 are Tuesdays 2pm on Zoom or in person: https://rutgers.zoom.us/my/ctw.rutgers?pwd=R2phY2VGS0w3TW8yVUtsWDB4WXd6Zz09

If this platform is not good for you, or you prefer an in-person appointment, let me know. It's a good idea to let me know what time you'll be joining Zoom ahead of time.

My e-mail address is

For correspondence related to research projects, professional service, editorial work, and publication-related issues: woodwardc-at-gmail.com

For Rutgers business such as correspondence with students: ctw-at-math.rutgers.edu.

My office , Hill Center Room 726, is on Busch campus. The telephone number is 848-445-6918.

A curriculum vitae is here .

My research interests include symplectic and algebraic geometry, Lie theory, gauge theory, and mathematical physics.

During this transition out of the pandemic we are running an occasional Rutgers symplectic seminar . I was previously co-organizer of the Geometry, Symmetry and Physics seminar which may re-start as we get back to completely in-person life.

Some of my math papers and related links are available here. A few talks are also available as well as course notes on linear algebra and mathematical reasoning .

I am an associate editor for Selecta Mathematica . Some student and faculty mentees with following positions.

A link to some K-12 material , including material for a geometry course for in-service and pre-service teachers.

I recently organized a workshop on Recent Developments in Lagrangian Floer theory at the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics which was to be held in March 2020, and was eventually held in March 2022.

The mailing address is
Hill Center, Department of Mathematics,
Rutgers University,
110 Frelinghuysen Rd,
Piscataway NJ 08854.

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