Shashank Kanade


Research Interests -

Vertex operator algebras, affine Lie algebras, partition identities

Publications/Pre-prints -

IdentityFinder and some new identities of Rogers-Ramanujan type [abstract]  [1411.5346] [maple code]
S. Kanade, M. C. Russell
Accepted for publication in Experimental Mathematics
Ghost series and a motivated proof of the Andrews-Bressoud Identities [abstract]  [1411.2048]
S. Kanade, J. Lepowsky, M. C. Russell, A. V. Sills
A motivated proof of the Gollnitz-Gordon-Andrews Identities [abstract]  [1411.2044]
B. Coulson, S. Kanade, J. Lepowsky, R. McRae, F. Qi, M. C. Russell, C. Sadowski


Rutgers University: Thesis Defense, Apr 2015 Slides,     Theme
Notre Dame University: Algebra Seminar, Dec 2014
CUNY Graduate Center: New York Applied Algebra Colloquium, Oct 2014
Rutgers University: Experimental Mathematics Seminar, Oct 2014 Video: 1, 2; Chalkboard (Thanks to Matthew Russell!)
Rutgers University: Lie groups and Quantum Mathematics Seminar, Sept 2014 Slides


Spring 2013: Graduate Students' Vertex Operator Algebra Seminar
Fall 2012: Graduate Students' Vertex Operator Algebra Seminar

Past Teaching:

Spring 2015: Instructor Math 103 (Topics in Math. for the Liberal Arts)
Fall 2014: TA Math 311 (Advanced Calculus I)
Summer 2014: Instructor Math 354 (Linear Optimization)
Spring 2014: TA Math 311 (Advanced Calculus I)
Fall 2013: TA Math 251 (Calculus III)
Summer 2013: Instructor Math 250 (Linear Algebra)
Spring 2013: TA Math 244 (Differential Equations)
Fall 2012: Head TA Math 152 (Calculus II)
Summer 2012: Instructor Math 477 (Theory of Probability) Course web page
Spring 2012: Head TA Math 152 (Calculus II)
Fall 2011: Head TA Math 151 (Calculus I)
Summer 2011: Instructor Math 152 (Calculus II) Course web-page
Spring 2011: TA Math 135 (Calculus I)
Fall 2010: TA Math 135 (Calculus I)

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