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Founded 2003 by Drew Sills and Doron Zeilberger.

Former co-organizers: Drew Sills (2003-2007), Moa ApaGodu (2005-2006), Lara Pudwell (2006-2008), Andrew Baxter (2008-2011), Brian Nakamura (2011-2013), Edinah Gnang (2011-2013), Matthew Russell (2013-2016), Nathan Fox (2016-2017), Bryan Ek (2017-2018)

Current co-organizers:
Doron Zeilberger (doronzeil {at} gmail [dot] com)
Mingjia Yang (my237 {at} math [dot] rutgers [dot] edu)

Archive of Previous Speakers and Talks You can find links to videos of some of these talks as well. Currently, our videos are being posted to our Vimeo page. Previously, we had videos posted on our YouTube page.

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Forthcoming Talks

Unless otherwise specified, seminars will be held in Hill 705 on the date indicated from 5:00 PM to 5:48 PM. Professor Zeilberger has promised to enforce the time limits.

Date: Apr. 25, 2019
Speaker: Eddy Chen, Rutgers (Philosophy)
Title:An Introduction to the Foundations of Quantum Theory
          In this brief talk, we discuss the basic ingredients of quantum theory and some steps towards understanding what it means. To that end, we focus on a simple experiment (the double slit experiment), which nicely illustrates the "quantum measurement problem". We suggest that the standard textbook version of quantum mechanics, though making correct predictions, lacks both conceptual and mathematical tools to consistently analyze the situation. We introduce Bohmian mechanics as a precise mathematical-physical theory that solves the measurement problem. Time permitting, we may discuss some other solutions to the quantum measurement problem and some other issues in the foundations of quantum theory. [This is an introductory talk. We assume very little knowledge of physics.]