Number Theory Word of the Day

The Rutgers Math Coding Group is experimenting with some simple data mining of the arXiv database as our Fall 2017 project. This inspired me to create a light weight application which automates part of the process. The web app displayed below goes through all of the daily arXiv submissions which are tagged 'Number Theory' and finds the most commonly used word among the abstracts.

Once the application is out of its beta phase, I will post some of my observations as well as a more in depth description of how it was developed.

  • This application was developed using Google Apps Script.
  • I retrieve the arXiv submissions via the arXiv API.
  • Text is styled using the 'Alphabet Soup' text effect created by Justus Tumacder. The code for this effect can be found here here.
  • If no words are displayed for a certain date, either there were no submissions on arXiv that day or my code got confused by an entry and gave up.
  • The application updates automatically, but you may notice that the latest entry is one or two days behind the current date. This is to ensure that all the submissions for the day have come in.