Rutgers University   MAT 503 - Complex Analysis
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  Welcome to MAT 640:503 - Graduate Complex Analysis
MAT 503 is an introduction (at the graduate level) to Complex Analysis, one of the most beautiful subjects in all of mathematics. Topics include: differentiability of complex functions, complex integration and Cauchy's theorem, series expansions, calculus of residues, conformal mapping, and time permitting, the Prime Number Theorem.
There are weekly homework assignments, some quizzes, two in-class midterms, and a take-home final exam.
For more information, see the course info page.
  Important dates:
October 6:   Midterm 1
November 10:   Midterm 2
December 15:   Take-Home Final Due
There will be no make-ups. Anyone absent from a quiz or exam will receive a zero for that portion.
To consider an exceptional circumstance requires a letter from a Dean.