Web Page of the Paper `Curing The Andrews Syndrome'

Last update: Dec. 10, 1996.

The paper will appear in the J. of Difference Eqs. and Appl.

Welcome to the Web page of the paper Curing The Andrews Syndrome , by Shalosh B. Ekhad , and Doron Zeilberger .

George Andrews's paper (Postcript version)(ref. [A1]) Pfaff's Method(I): The Mills-Robbins-Rumsey determinant , (to appear in Discrete Math (Garsia issue)) and that is placed here by kind permission of the author, is a necessary prerequisite for understanding the present paper, since it described the syndrome for which our paper supplies the cure.

Make sure to download the Maple Package SYND that accompanies the paper.

If you don't already have a copy, you should also download the Maple package EKHAD that accompanies the book A=B.

Here are EKHAD's input and output files for identity (MRR) of our paper which is identity (1.6) (alias (4.2)) of Andrews's Pfaff(I) paper[A1]

The twenty input files, corresponding to the identities in section 4 of ref. [A1] for the package SYND, can be found here .

The corresponding twenty output files, can be found here .

The corresponding input files for EKHAD, that (except for 4.2 and 4.20 failed on our system, due to lack of memory) can be found here . Please report to us any succesful run on your computer.

Bruno Salvy's message, reference [B] can be found here .

Note Added Nov. 11: Dennis Stanton has informed me that he found a human cure to the Andrews Syndrome .

Note Added Dec. 10: Dennis Stanton has just completed the paper. It can be downloaded from Dennis Stanton's Home Page.

Note Added Feb. 29: Axel Riese has just informed me that by a "simple" observation, he managed to cure the Andrews Syndrome, at least the original one. However, it is still possible that in the future there would be found identities that would even defy Riese's speed-up tricks, and one would havbe to restort to the roundabout way presented in this article.