Math 354, Section 3, fall 2023 (Rutgers University) Class Policy
Last Update: Sept. 3, 2023

GRADE: The max. number of points is 500, with the following breakup.

The grades are determined as follows. VERY IMPORTANT:

Make-up for missed quizzes

There is no make-up for missed quizzes, but if you have a justified absence, that has been made up, and you missed a quiz, you don't get 0, but your score for determining your grade in the class will be pro-rated. In other words, if you missed N quizzes (and they were justified and made-up) then I add-up all the scores from the quizzes that you took, the two midterm exams, and the "neat notebook score", and divide by (500-8*N) and then multiply by 500. This is because the maximum points for each quiz is 8. In other words, your score will be normalized.

Arguing about the grade

If you believe that I made a mistake in grading, please write me a note in writing, explaining for each of the questions that you believe were graded incorrectly what my error was (or pointing out that I made a mistake in adding up the points). Attach it to the graded exam (or quiz) , and give it to me at the beginning of the class. I will return it to you during the following class, with either the corrected grade, or an explanation why it should not be changed.

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