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Organization:  Rutgers University New Brunswick


Panel Summary #1

Proposal Number: 0901226

Panel Summary:
Panel Summary

The PI is proposing to continue his research program of developing algorithms for proving (or in some cases, discovering and proving) combinatorial identities that arise in many different areas of mathematics.

The panel consensus is that the PI has had a tremendous impact in combinatorics, with several spectacular successes, such as the first proof of the Robbins ASM conjecture, and the development of the W-Z method. The work from his prior (5 year grant) seems to be continuing at a high level, and the number of papers produced (30 listed) is impressive. One concern of the panel is that the techniques the PI has developed, when applied to specific problems, tend to provide proofs that yield no insight. Another concern is that the proposal itself is neither well-written nor convincing. The panel's favorable view of the intellectual merit of the proposal is primarily based on his prior record.

The panel consensus is that the proposal is also very strong in terms of broader impacts. Particularly notable is his record of 6 doctoral students supervised during the term of the previous grant, and his practice of developing and freely sharing software for proving identities.

The panel places this proposal in the highly recommended for funding category.

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