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Organization:  Rutgers University New Brunswick


Panel Summary #1

Proposal Number: 0401124

Panel Summary:
The Panel commended the proposer for his pioneering work on using computers in mathematics. Several Panel members stated how valuable they have found his WZ code and other downloadable software for producing surprising formulas and proofs of stated formulas (but some also expressed disappointment when it failed to work). His approach of using the computer by "teaching" it to attack central problems has been extremely productive. The Panel was not sure how his proposed plan was going to be carried out, but trusted that it will indeed be successful, based on the proposer's excellent track record.

Panelists described the Quantum Master Theorem as beautiful. There were some reservations expressed about the inventiveness and originality of the actual mathematics in the proposal. Some members felt the mathematical ideas in the proposal are not really exceptional, in comparison to the strongest proposals under review. The proposer should have explained how he intends to deal with some of the suggested problems, especially in the non-commutative case.

The broader impact of this proposal is judged to be as strong as that of any proposal under review by the Panel. This is based both on the usefulness of the software he makes available and on his work supervising many students.

This is a convincing proposal that the Panel strongly supported for funding. It rated among the top 15% under review.


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