``Enumeration Schemes, and More Importantly, Their Automatic Generation'' by D.Zeilberger

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(Appeared in Annals of Combinatorics 2(1998), 185-195.)

It is too soon to teach a computer how to be a mathematician, and perhaps it is even too soon to teach it how to be a combinatorialist. But if you target your efforts to a narrow enough subspecialty, then the time is ripe. When you are done teaching the computer, how to, say, enumerate Wilf classes, not only will it get smarter, but you will get wiser too.

Most importantly, look up the paper's Own Web Page .

Added Aug. 10, 2004: My brilliant student Vince Vatter , has considerably extended the present method, to include many more cases. See his Maple package WILFPLUS

Added Sept. 20, 2005: Read Vince's brilliant paper that explains WILFPLUS to humans and does much more.

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