Symbolic Moment Calculus II.: Why is Ramsey Theory Sooooo Eeeenormously Hard?

By Doron Zeilberger

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[Appeared in "Combinatorial Number Theory", B. Landman et. al, editors, in Celebration of the 70th Birthday of Ronald Graham, de Gruyter, 2007. Co-publised in INTEGERS 7(2) (2007), A34.]
Written: Nov. 22, 2005.

This article is the long-over-due sequel to Symbolic Moment Calculus I, that I put off writing up because of so many other projects. But when I had to give a plenary talk in a conference celebrating Ron Graham's 70th birthday, (organized perfectly by Bruce Landman), and Ron Graham is Mr. Ramsey Theory (among many other hats), I thoght that it would be an appropriate tribute to talk about this, and to write it up for the conference proceedings. Happy Birthday Ron!

Important: This article is accompanied by Maple package SMCramsey that computes symbolic moments for random variables of the form `number of monochromatic Kk' in r-colorings of the edges of the complete graph Kn.

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