"The J.C.P. Miller Recurrence for exponentiating a polynomial, and its q-Analog" (appeared in the J. Difference Eqs. and Appl., v.1. no. 1).

A better title would have been ``How I got scooped by Euler''. At first I believed that the so-called Miller method was new, and the title was `A new method ...'. Then Herb Wilf told me that it could be found in his book with Albert Nijenhuis, `Combinatorial Algorithms', so I changed the title to `The Nijenhuis-Wilf method ...'. Then Don Knuth told me that it is also in v. 2 of ACP, and is due to J.C.P. Miller, from 1956. So I changed the title to what it is now. After the paper appeared, Knuth sent me another letter, to tell me that this method is due to Euler, and features prominently in his textbooks. However, the q-analog, as far as I (and Knuth) know is new.

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