The Sum of Two and Seven and The Product of Three by Three

By Semaj Srelles

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Written: April 12, 2011
It is amazing that such luminaries as Neil Sloane, and such excellent mathematicians as Jeffrey Shallit and James Sellers are not aware (or at least, were not aware in 2002), that any identity between so-called C-finite sequences is completely routinely provable (and has been for the last two hundred years, at least since Binet, no need for WZ!). See pages 10-11 in Doron Zeilberger's masterpiece. In fact, as he points out there, sometimes he himself forgets this!

The present article is a parody on this article.

Added April 14, 2011: I just got the wonderful book The Concrete Tetrahedron by Manuel Kauers and Peter Paule. I recommend this to everyone. If more people would be aware of Theorem 4.2, then the present parody would not have been necessary.
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