Lieber Opa Paul, Ich Bin Auch Ein Experimental Scientist!

By Doron Zeilberger

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Appeared in Adv. Applied Math. v. 31 (2003), 532-543.

Copyright(c)2000 by Academic Press (available from IDEAL).

Written: Oct. 9, 2002

I visited Leipzig this summer, mainly to look up the graves of my great-grandparents Salomon Alexander and Rebecka (b. Pinner) Alexander, and to explore the city and university where my beloved grandfather, Paul Alexander grew up and studied.

I used this opportunity to give a talk (on Aug. 5, 2002) at the Max Planck Instiute, Leipzig entitled Computer Algebra and Determinants


This article is accompanied by the Maple package CLD

For examples of EvalH and EvalT (i.e. terse style), look at Terse input file for CLD (call it incld1) , if you type: maple -q < incld1 > ocld1 , you would get Terse output file for CLD

For examples of EvalHpaper and EvalTpaper (i.e. verbose style), look at Verbose input file for CLD (call it incld2) , if you type: maple -q < incld2 > ocld2 , you would get Verbose output file for CLD

Added May 22, 2006: Dr. Feli Galker kindly told me that the previous title ("Liebe Opa ...") should be corrected.

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