SYMBOL-CRUNCHING with the TRANSFER-MATRIX Method In Order To Count SKINNY Physical Creatures

By Doron Zeilberger

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Appeared in: INTEGERS v. 0 (2000), A9.

Written: March 2, 2000.

The Transfer Matrix Method is one of the most useful tools in statistical physics. I will soon show how to extend it to the Umbral Transfer Matrix Method, inspired by Gian-Carlo Rota's incredible insight. But in order to facilitate this phase transition from a finite to an infinite "alphabet", I had to really understand, and implement, the finite case. This article is the result.

IMPORTANT: This article is accompanied by SEVEN Maple package. In order to download them, and view input and output files go to The Maple Packages for Counting Skinny Creatures.

Added April 21, 2000: I wish to thank Bob Russel for correcting a minor error in a previous version.

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