Holger Dambeck's Email Message to Doron Zeilberger, dated May 8, 2012

Hello Mr. Zeilberger,
I'm Holger Dambeck and I write about mathematics on the website of the
German magazine DER SPIEGEL. You can find my math articles here

My next article will be about the Coupon collector's problem. In
Germany many people collect Panini stickers of scoccer players in the
weeks before the european championship. I saw that you made some
calculations about this topic. May be you can help me with some

If there are 540 different stickers like here
http://web.paninigroup.com/de/uefaeuro2012/das-sammelalbum.html you
have to buy 3398 stickers to have them all. Thats quite easy to
calculate, I wrote about this already one year ago

My question to you is: If a collector has bought 3398 stickers and his
album is complete, how many of the 540 stickers he has

ten times?

I tried to understand your one page paper - but I couldn't. I would be
very happy, if you could help me with this calculation.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards

Holger Dambeck
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