Plane Geometry: An Elementary School TextBook (ca. 2050 AD)

by Shalosh B. Ekhad, XIV, downloaded from the Future by Doron Zeilberger

DOWNLOAD THE TEXTBOOK [(6 pages) of Maple Source Code (ASCII)]

You may prefer RENE, the Maple package version (frequently updated).

(Appeared in Mathematical Intelligencer 21(3) [Summer 1999], 64-70.)

First Placed Here: May 12, 1998.

Last Update: Sept. 15, 1998.

IMPORTANT NOTE ADDED Nov. 1, 2001: This modest effort is now a whole webbook, complete with pictures. Enjoy Shalosh B. Ekhad's, XIV, ILLUSTRATED WEBBOOK

About 350 years ago, Rene Descartes made a revolution in Geometry. But it took 400 years, and computers and Bruno Buchberger, to fully utilize it.

In addition to its geometrical interest, this textbook gives a glimpse of how math articles and books would look like in fifty years (and perhaps much sooner!). Maple (or some variant of it) will become the lingua-franca of math, and this will improve communications between humans and machines, and even between humans and other humans.

Note Added Aug. 17, 1998: Equipped with RENE, you should be able to solve all Monthly problems on Plane Geometry. For example, (in the latest version of RENE), Type op(P10673) and op(P10678) to see the statements of Monthly Problems 10673 and 10678 respectively. To prove them, type (once in maple, and after you have read in RENE, by typing: read RENE;) P10673(); and P10678();

Update added 9/15/98: Both RENE and Gtext now work perfectly on Maple V, ver. 3, ver.4, and ver. 5. If you run Input file for Gtext,with all the theorems, and times recorded, on the above versions, you would get, respectively Output of Gtext from Maple V,ver.3,
Output of Gtext from Maple V, ver.4,
Output of Gtext from Maple V, ver.5 .

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