A Mathematical Tour of the Princeton Cemetery

Compiled by Doron Zeilberger (First Posted Dec. 31, 2014)

This vesion: May 26, 2019 [Thanks to additional pictures taken by Jane Legrange]

Previous versions: May 2, 2018 [Thanks to additional pictures taken by Yukun Yao]

In fond memory of Richard B. Fishbane (Oct. 6, 1953 - Dec. 19, 2014), who in spite of not being a mathematician, was outstandingly brilliant, and more important, a wonderful mensch

I am lucky to live in Princeton, who has its share of living geniuses. But their genius dwarfs in comparison to the quantity (and quality!) of dead geniuses most of whom (but not the greatest of them all, dear Albert) are buried in the Princeton Cemetery (website).

The official VIP list, issued by the cemetery, contains the following names. Each name is followed by the coordinates [Letter-Number] in p.3 of this map

But there are many other geniuses not mentioned there

My friend Richard Fishbane's grave is not far from Herbert Robbins, its location is M-34.

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