K.'s Version of the Events on Feb. 22, 2009

Dear Doron:
   I would like to correct a few things in your blog. Nobody left for 15
minutes (not the 5 minutes you claimed). I was the first to leave
I am 'K'); I left at 4:15 and I certainly did not use profanity. I am
insulted by your assertion that I did. You told me to leave, I got up and
left saying only that I was preparing my class and you told me to leave.
   Finally, let me say that since leaving your class, I spent another 3
hours Friday, another 3 hours Saturday and another 5 hours today (Sunday)
grading class essays and preparing for my Tuesday class. In addition, I
fully expect to spend another 6 hours on Monday/Tuesday completing my
preparation. This class (History of Math) is indeed taking up an
incredible amount of my time. In fact, my average class preparation time
over the last month has been about 10 hours per lecture. It is
substantially more than most classes I have ever taught, but not
out of proportion with some other classes I have taught.
    Sincerely, K.

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