Feist Zeilberger (The Father of the father of the father of the father of Doron Zeilberger)

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Feist Zeilberger (Aug. 7, 1816-Feb. 28, 1908) was a master butcher (Metzgermeister) in Ermershausen, a vilage in Bavaria, Germany. In Nov. 4, 1851, he married Babette Roemer (April 1, 1820-Jan. 17,1909), in Sulzdorf A.D.L.

His father is: Lazarus Zeilberger, (?-Feb. 12, 1859), a cattle trader. His mother is: Regina Schoenemann Zeilberger.

[ See his grave (courtesy of Gil Zeilberger)]

Feist Zeilberger's children are: