Salomon Alexander (The Father of the Father of the Mother of Doron Zeilberger)

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Salomon Alexander, was born on Dec. 9, 1826, in Graetz, Posen, Prussia (now Godinzok, Poland). Later he lived in Tirschtigl, Posen, Prussia, (now Trzciel, Poland). He was "Sokhet and Bodek" (ritual slaughterer and Kosher checker), and a "Melamed" (teacher). His father was Gerson Alexander . He was married to Rebecka Pinner (Bombst, Posen, March 6, 1835- Leipzig , February 6, 1913) (sister of Adolf Pinner ). Before 1880 the family moved to Leipzig. Salomon died on July 18, 1911. Salomon and Rebecka are buried in Leipzig's Jewish Cemetery (on Berliner Strasse) (see the inscription on their grave)

The Leipzig 1880 Adressebuch has the following entry:

Alexander, Salomon, B. u. Privatlehrer, Peterstr. 37 IV.

and the Leipzig 1890 edition has:

Alexander, Salomon, B. Huelfslehrer a.b. Israelit. Religionsschule u. Schaecter, Peterstr. 23 IV.

They had six children.

Solomon's father was Gerson Alexander .

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