Mentions of Paul Alexander in `History of the Rubber Industry'

Last Update: Sept. 3, 1996.

This book was published for the Institution of the Rubber Industry by W.Heffer and Sonds, Cambridge, UK, 1952. Edited by P. Schidrowitz and T.R. Dawson

In Chapter 6, `Reclaim and Crumb', written by W.G. Essex:

p. 87: `Numerous efforts have been made to reclaim vulcanised waster by solution methods, the most prominent being the process of P. Alexander in Germany.

In Chapter 7, `Latex', written by D.F. Lewis:

p. 94: `Such important pioneering efforts as P. Alexander's formation of reclaim dispersion of `latices' by emulsifying a benzene solution in water and subsequently removing the solvent(1905), ...'

In Chapter 30: `Statistical and Economic outline', written by Miss G.L. Wallace, p. 338:

`Although exact statistics are not available, the following figures, based on and estimate made by P. Alexander, show world production...'

In Chapter 35: `Rubber Literature' written by T.R. Dawson the following is listed on p. 388:

Alexander, P., ``Methods of Reclaiming Rubber Employed during the past 100 years'', London, 1938 (preprint: Rubber Technology Conference).