Raphael Rindskopf (The father of the mother of the mother of the father of the father of Doron Zeilberger)

Also: The Father of the Mother of the Mother of the Mother of the Father of Doron Zeilberger (since DZ's grandparents were first-cousins). First Written: Oct. 22, 2006. [thanks to Gisela Bamberg]

Last Updade: Sept. 18, 2009.

Raphael Rindskopf was probably born in Grosslangheim (near Kitzingen, Lower Franconia, Barvaria) on 1806. He was married to Sarah (b. Reuhs) Rindskopf. He died in Grosslangheim on 4am July 19, 1841. He was a butcher (metzger). He died at the age of 35 years from lung disease. The officiating doctor was Dr. Bümlein.

I don't know how many children he had, but one of his children was Marianne (b. Rindskopf) Vorchheimer .

His father may have been Abraham Rindskopf (1776-March 10, 1840) from Grosslangheim, who was a tradesman and lived there in house number 102. Other Rindskopfs from Grosslangheim whose death records have been preserved (kindly communicated to me by Gisela Bamberg, a very kind soul!), and are very probably related to Raphael (and hence to me) were

There were also three infants.
Added Sept. 18, 2009: Gisela Bamberg sent me a newspaper clipping from "Der Israelit" 1869, No. 6, page 108 listing people's donations, including Koppel Rindskopf (most probably a grandson of the above-mentioned Koppel R.) who donated 2 Florins and 24 Kreutzers (1 Florin (alias Gulden)=60 Kreutzers).

Gisela, in a letter dated Sept. 5, 2009, also told me that I am not the first Rutgers person interested in the history of the Jews in her region. Prof. Josef Maier, who was active in the American Jewish Committee was interested in the Kitzingen synagogue.

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