Markus Zeilberger (The Father of the father of the father of Doron Zeilberger)

First Written: July 18, 1996.

Previous Updates: Nov. 18, 1999; Feb. 22, 2002 (thanks to Gad Loebstein) March 16, 2005 (thanks to Fred Zeilberger).

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Markus ("Veisenmarx") Zeilberger (Oct.1, 1855-June 29, 1941) was a cattle trader (Viehhaendler) in Ermershausen, a village in Hassberge County, Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany. He died in an old-age home at Wuerzburg. He is buried at the Wuerzburg Jewish Cemetery.

On Aug. 16, 1882, at Schweinfurt, Markus married Lina Vorchheimer (June 27, 1858 (Thuengen) - Ermershausen, Jan. 13, 1916). She is buried at the Eremershausen Jewish Cemetery. [See Lina Zeilberger's grave.]

Markus Zeilberger is buried at the Wuerzburg cemetery. Here is Markus Zeilberger's grave.

His father is: Feist Zeilberger( Aug. 7, 1816-Feb. 28, 1908) .

His children are:

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mrs. Cordula Kappner, director of the Landkreis Hassberge Library, for her extremely kind and generous help in supplying the information in this page. She is a great authority on the Jewish history of her county, and has been conducting many exhibitions, and has written numerous articles, about this subject.
Added Feb. 22, 2002: Many thanks to Gad Loebstein for supplying the information about the descendants of Rosa Zeilberger Uhlfelder.
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