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Madame Pauline Latz Phillip (b. Pauline Kaul) (1797-?) had two husbands: Samuel Salomon Latz (1775-Jan. 17, 1829), and Isaac Phillip (?-1848). She was naturalized a (partial) Posen citizen on June 6, 1834. At the time she lived in the city of Posen (today Poznan, Poland). The entry in Edward David Luft's book: "The Naturalized Jews of the Grand Duchy of Posen in 1834 and 1835" (Scholars Press, Atlanta , GA) about her reads as follows (p. 51):

69 Posen Latz, Pauline, geb. Kaul Kfmwtw. 6-6-1834
Kfmwtw is short for "a merchant's widow".

With her first husband, she had (at least) three children:

Madame Latz Phillip's second husband was Isaac Phillip (Filhene, April 3, 1784- Berlin, March 16, 1848). He died in the revolt of 1848. Here is his entry from the above-mentioned Jacobson book:

511 27.4.1815 PHILIPP, Isaac, Wechsler, Jägerstr. 41, geb. Filehne, 33 J. (3.4.1784), 18 J. in B., Mitglied der Korp. d. Kfm.schaft, gehörte zu den Stiftern der A.V.A. der Jüd. Gem. 1828, gest. B. 16.3.1848 V.: Feibel (Philipp) Levi aus Filehne [Sohn: Nr. 1820]
Pauline Kaul-Latz-Phillip and Issac Phillip had one child together: Emma Phillip Weiss who had one son, ?, and one daughter: Anna Weiss.

Issac Phillip also had the following children from his first wife:

A loving portrait of Pauline is given in her grand-daughter Anna Moritz's Pinner Letter to Anna Pinner's granddaughter Gertrude .

I wish to thank my aunt Brigitte Weiss, and my cousin Ada Weiss, for supplying the information in this page.
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