Lazarus Zeilberger (The Father of The Father of The father of the Father of the Father of Doron Zeilberger)

Written: Nov. 20, 1999.

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Lazarus Zeilberger (Ermershausen, 1780-Ermershausen, Feb. 12, 1859) ("Lozi") was a cattle trader (Viehhaendler) in Ermershausen, a vilage in Hassberge County, Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany. His wife was Regina Schoenemann Zeilberger (Burgpreppach,1781-Ermershausen, June 11, 1846) ("Rechel").

Rachel and Lazarus (Lozi) are buried at the Ermershausen Cemetery

Lazarus Zeilberger's father is: Veist Marx Zeilberger, a cattle trader.

Lazarus and Regina Zeilberger's children are: