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[Martha] Katherina Pinner Wolff (June 3, 1877, Berlin, Germany -June 16, 1960 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany) was married to Bruno Wolff (March 26, 1870, Berlin, Germany - November 10, 1918), a physician and a professor of pathology. Bruno Wolff died of blood poisoning, which he got, during WWI, from operating on someone with gangrene, because his rubber glove was damaged (because of the war).
Bruno Wolff published more than fifty articles, including the posthumous OA Die Biologische bedeutung der schwangerschaft in der Phylogense und ihre entwicklungsmechanische bedeutung in der ontogonese. His director, Ernst Schwalbe wrote an obituary.

[Added Feb. 7, 2015]: Karola Nick kindly agreed for me to post her wonderful transcription of Bruno Wolff's war diary.

Bruno Wolff's mother was the sister of the great pathologist Carl Weigert and the first-cousin of the even greater bacteriolist Paul Ehrlich, a 1908 Nobel prize, of syphlis fame.

Bruno Wolff was the son of Julius Wolff, a well-known professor of medicine who, like Katherina's father, Adolf Pinner, was a founding member of the Vorstand(exec. comittee) of the Centralverein.) [That Julius Wolff (Katherina's father-in-law), has a brief entry in the Juedisches Lexikon, Juedischer Verlag, v. IV/2, p. 1490, that reads: ` Julius, a.o. Prof. an der Universitaet Berlin. geb. 1836 zu Maerklisch-Friedland, gest. 1902 in Berlin. W. war einer der Mitbergruender der wissenschaftlichen Orthopaedie: insbes. befasste er sich mit der Architektronik der Knochenbaelkchen.]

Added April 2, 2005: Patrick Jucker-Kupper has kindly told me about the following links about Julius Wolff: here

Added Feb. 8, 2015: In 2007 a Julius Wolff - Institute at the Charite in Berlin is founded. In 2010, his 1892 book "Die Transformation der Knochen", by Julius Wolff was reprinted. That new edition contains an article about his life. joint with Professor Bergmann.

Katherina Pinner Wolff and Bruno Wolff had two children: Hans-Julius Wolff (Berlin, Aug. 27, 1902- Freiburg im Breisgau , Aug. 23, 1983), and Reinhard Julius Wolff (Dec. 18, 1906- July 27, 1941).

Reinhard Julius was a doctor. He joined the Communist party and thus went to the USSR when Hitler came to power. He was arrested in 1938 and killed (shot to death) in 1941 - "when the Fascists arrived". It is not known who shot him. It could have been the Russians because he was German, or the Germans because he was Jewish, or the Ukrainians collaborating with the Germans. (Added Sept. 5, 2011: Peter Crane Emaile me the following: "Reinhard Wolff, according the German-language Chronik der Moskauer Schauprozesse, was arrested by the NKVD in November 1936. He was sentenced to death on July 9, 1941, and executed on July 27, 1941. ")

Reinhard Wolff was married to Marina ?. She was half Polish and half Russian, a Christian. Reinhard and Marina Wolff had one daughter, Anna Margharita, who was born on September 8, 1936. She was a teacher of Russian and Russian literature. She never married - she was engaged to be married and her fiance drowned. It is not known whether she's still alive or not. She corresponded with her first-cousin Kathy for some years, but Rita (as Anna Wolff was called) hasn't written Kathy for at least five years.

Added Jan. 22, 2022: Gil Zeilberger kinldy sent me the following:

Hans-Julius Wolff (Berlin, Aug. 27, 1902- Freiburg im Breisgau , Aug. 23, 1983), converted twice. First from Jewish to Protestant, and then to Catholic. He recieved Dr. Jur. utr. in 1932 from the University of Berlin. He was a world authority on Roman and Greek Law, and was Professor of the History of Law at the University ot Freiburg, Germany. He received many honors, including a Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Athens in 1972, membership in Heidelberg Academy of Science 1967, and corresponding member of various other academies. He wrote the book: `Roman Law, An Historical Introduction', Univ. of Oklahoma Press. In 1974-75 he was a member of the School of Historical Science at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton. He is buried in Kirchzarten, Germany.

Hans-Julius Wolff was married to Sylvia Alice Plann (Nov. 10, 1910, Fargo, North Dakota, USA - October 14, 1990, in Kirchzarten, Germany, where she is also buried). She was a musician, in particular a pianist.

Hans-Julius Wolff and Sylvia (b. Plann) Wolff had one daughter, Katherine Elena Wolff ("Kathy") (b. Jan. 12, 1947, in Oklahoma City, Okla., USA, Ph.D. in theology), who is a nun. In 1989, Kathy published her dissertation in the following book: "`Geh in das Land, das ich Dir zeigen werde...' Das Land Israel in der fruehen rabbinischen Tradition und im Neuen Testament", Europaeische Hochschulschriften, Band 340, Reihe XXIII - Theologie, Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt am Main - Bern - New York - Paris, 1989.
Kathy Wolff is a Sister of Our Lady of Sion and after doing theology studies, worked most of her adult life in the areas of Bible and Jewish-Christian work, as well as some Jewish-Christian-Muslim work. Until 1997 she was advisor to the director of her order. She lived in Rome, where her order's headquarters are located. In 1999 she was dean of her order's college in Jerusalem, and lived in the Ratisbonne convent of Jerusalem. She now (2003) lives as a solitary contemplative, doing written translation to earn her livelihood.

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