Hedwig Bach Zeilberger (The Mother of the Father of Doron Zeilberger)

FirstWritten: July 9, 1996.

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Hedwig (nee Bach) Zeilberger was born on July 7, 1890. She grew up in the village of Unsleben, Bavaria, Germany. At 1914, she married Heinrich Zeilberger (1886-1915), a cantorial student. (their photo ca. 1914).

He was drafted to the German army shortly after, and was killed before his son Yehuda Heinz Zeilberger (1915-1994) was born.

After Hedwig became a widow, she helped out in the family business of horse-trading, as a bookkeeper, as well as taking care of her six younger siblings.

In 1935 she moved with her mother to Tel-Aviv, Israel, and lived in an apartment that was part of an apartment building owned by her brother Victor. She served as resident manager until roughly 1965. Then she moved to an old-age home, where she died on June 20, 1975 (11 Tamuz 5735). She is buried in the Darom Cemetery (Holon/Bat Yam) in Gush 4, Ezor 1, Shura 28, makom 25.   gravestone [thanks to Gil Zeilberger, May 31, 2023].

She was very kind and generous and a great baker. She enjoyed reading. Like many German Jews (`Yekes') who immigrated to Israel in their middle age, she never completely mastered Hebrew, managing very well with her German and fluent English, in a then predominantly German speaking neighborhood of Tel-Aviv around Ben-Yehuda Street.

Her parents are: Gabriel (1862-1921) and Mina Bach (c.1870-c. 1947) .

Her husband was Heinrich Zeilberger (1890-1915)

Her only son was: Yehuda Heinz Zeilberger (1915-1993).

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