Gil Zeilberger

Last Update: Dec. 29, 2021

Gil Zeilberger, a Technology Executive and CTO, was born on Jan. 11, 1952, in Haifa, Israel, to Ruth and Yehuda Zeilberger.
He attended the Achdut school in Kiryat Motzkin until the end of sixth grade. When his famiy moved to the Tel-Aviv area, he went to "HaGymnasia HaIvrit Herzliya".

When he was 15, his family moved to England for one year, where he completed his O-levels. When the rest of the family returned to Israel (the parents to resume their teaching jobs, and Doron to get drafted into the army), he stayed alone in England, completing his A-levels in one year, in an intense course at the Cambridgeshire Tech. school.

At the age of seventeen, he entered the Hebrew University, graduating 3 years later with a bachelor in Math. After completing the bachelor studies he was drafted to the Israel Army for three years, during which he was studying part-time to complete his master of science degree in Mathematics.

He worked one year for the Open University, after which he joined IBM Israel. In the early 80th, while on assignment working for IBM EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) he designed and managed the first large scale commercial implementation of Data Abstractions in Database Management Systems. After returning from the European assignment to Israel he headed the IBM development team in Israel.

In I986, Gil moved with his family to the USA, initially managing a team to redesign IBM security subsystem for their mainframes Operating System. From 1987, and for 6 years, he was in charge of AT&T long distance databases design and architecture. In 1993 he joined Credit Suisse First Boston, in NY (later renamed Credit Suisse) were he worked for 17 years. During his tenure in Credit Suisse he served in various Executive and Management capacities, including the management of Fixed Income Technology, Director of all Global Web Services, Heading the Global Engineering Group, Head of Global Infrastructure Technology and CTO (Chief Technology Officer). During these years he also served as a Director in Advisory Boards of different Technology firms. After retiring from Credit Suisse he continued to work in different Consultancy and Advisory roles.


Gil is married to Michal Levy Zeilberger and they have three children.