Gerson Alexander (The Father Of The Father of the Father of the Mother of Doron Zeilberger)

Compiled by Doron Zeilberger.

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Gerson Alexander (1788-Jan. 1864) was born in Labiszyn, county of Bydgoszcz, near Poznan, Poland, that shortly after (until 1918) became Labischin, county of Schubin, near the City of Posen, Grand Duchy of Posen. He was married to Zohre ? Alexander (1797-?), who was born in Graetz, county of Buk. He was naturalized a (partial) Posen citizen [the best a Jew could hope for in those days] in Graetz, Posen (now Grodzisk, near Buk, Poland) on Sept. 11, 1834. He was a teacher (Lehrer) [source: p. 2 of `The Naturalized Jews of the Grand Duchy of Posen in 1834 and 1835', compiled by Edward David Luft]. According to Heppner and Herzberg's famous book on Posen Jewry, in the footnote at the bottom of page 428, he was, at Greatz, in 1857 (together with W. Lesser) "Rabbinatsassessor", which means (according to my first-cousin Ernst ("Alex") Alexander) "dayyan", i.e. religious court judge. (they refer to Wertheim, Kalender u. Jahrb. 5618 (1858).)

His children were:

I wish to thank my aunt Brigitte Weiss, and my cousin Ada Weiss, for supplying the information in this page.

Added Feb. 13, 2002: Many thanks to my newly discovered (thanks to Lucy Singer) third-cousin-once-removed, Dennis Bluth, for supplying the information about the branch of Friedmann Alexander.

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