Elfride Pinner Alexander(The Mother of the Mother of Doron Zeilberger)

Elfride (b. Pinner) Alexander was born on Nov. 27, 1875, in Berlin, Germany, to Adolf Pinner and Anna Moritz Pinner. In 1900, she married Paul Alexander , and they had six children listed under his entry.

When Hitler came to power, all her children managed to get visas and escape out of Germany, with the exception of Bettchen, who nobody wanted to grant a visa to, because of her Heart-Illness. Not wishing to leave Bettchen behind, Paul and Frieda stayed in Germany. When they were taken away, around 1941, to concentration camps. Bettchen committed suicide. Like more than six million others, they perished in the holocaust. They were deported on Aug. 4, 1942, and Elfrieda died in Treblinka on Sept. 26, 1942. See this url.

Her parents are: Adolf Pinner (1842-1909) and Anna Moritz Pinner (1852-1937).

For her descendants, see the entry for her husband: Paul Alexander

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