Transcript of a Letter From Moritz Pinner (1828-1911) to Cassius Marcellus Clay (1810-1903) Dated October 9, 1862.

It is part of the Cassius Marcellus Clay Collection of The Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum at Lincoln Memorial University. It is reproduced here by kind permission. Special thanks to Leane Garland, the archivist-librarian, for her kind help.

Cassius Marcellus Clay (the namesake of the boxer that changed his name to Mohammed Ali) was a leading abolitionist, and like Pinner, a publisher of abolitionist newspapers.

                       New York, October 9, '62

           "There is a time for every-
thing" as Solomon had it; suppose then
you cast off for this evening the General,
the Ambassador, the Politician and the Refor-
mer, and based upon the Motto "that he
who tries to make others happy has a right
to be happy himself", Kindly accompany me
to the Opera House, where the opera "Czaar
and Carpenter" is to be performed this
evening. The music is one of the best
German operas and the text "Peter the
Great and his forturnes" may be of some
special interest to our Russian Ambassador.
I shall give myself the honor of calling on
you at 7 this P.M. and shall be most
happy to find you ready to accept my invi-
tation. Until then ,
                   Your most obedient servant

                                   M. Pinner

Facsimile of the Original
Moritz Pinner

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